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Criminal Law

Below you will find a brief summary of each area of law practiced by the Law Office of Jeffrey Schonbrun.
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Criminal Defense Lawyers 


The accusation of being a criminal creates a serious impact on the life of the individual accused. You can be an innocent person getting trapped in the judicial issues or a genuine criminal but our criminal defense lawyers are there for bringing you out of the jail custody.



Medical Marijuana Lawyers


The transaction of Marijuana is considered illegal in New York City. However, when manufactured or sold for medical purposes the government has granted permission with several considerations. Our experienced Medical Marijuana lawyer can offer legal support and consultation for making your business run inconveniently without the violation of rules.



Drunk Driving Attorneys 


A fun night of driving in a drunken condition could make you spend the night in the jail. If found guilty of DUI it would get your name recorded on the criminal offense list. Our experienced drunk driving attorneys could make you get out of the judicial custody.


Drug Charge Lawyers 


The state drug laws related are the toughest to be found in the United States. Hence, if you ever found guilty in taking even a minimal proportion of drugs it could bring a high penalty to you. The experience, knowledge, and consultation of our drug charge lawyers can make you come out of the tragic life changing penalties.


Arson Lawyers 


The state laws for an arsonist is tough and even the slowest charge could make you get inside the jail or pay a heavy penalty. If you or any of your loved ones are arrested on the suspicion of arson get the consultation of our experienced Arson lawyers for legal support.




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