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Drunk Driving Attorneys

Your happy, smoothly running life can suddenly come to a crashing halt if you are accused

by a police officer of driving while intoxicated. Have you been forced to spend a night in jail due to being accused of drunk driving?  If you are convicted of DWI / DUI you will incur court fees as well as fines and an increase in you insurance rates. Your driver's license can be suspended or even revoked, thus impacting your ability to drive for work and pleasure.   At the beginning of your case, it is a critical time for you to obtain the assistance of an experienced DWI/DUI defense attorney. After all, if not handled with great care and experience, the consequences are dire.  


You can rely on the experience and knowledge of our attorney at SCHONBRUN LAW NEW CITY. We have helped numerous clients in resolving their DWI/DUI cases. The District Attorney's office know that we have the determination and experience to negotiate a fair resolution of your DWI/DUI charges.

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