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Slip and Fall Lawyers

Obtain compensation for slip and fall cases with the best lawyer

One of the most common of Premises Liability Lawsuits are the slip and fall accidents. These kinds of accidents could happen at any point of time and bring serious injury to a person. Premises liability laws impose a provision that requires sending a legal notice to the owner of the property of your injury in a timely manner. It could be a residential property or a commercial property, and the owner will be held responsible for the mishap experienced by you. Slipping on icey walkways or falling on uneven staircases are examples of slip and fall cases. 

Retain the service of a leading slip and fall lawyer

If you have experienced a slip and fall and suffered a serious injury, you are entitled to compensation.  Contact Jeffrey Schonbrun to fight for you to get compensated for your pain and suffering according to law. 

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