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Personal Injury

Below you will find a brief summary of each area of law practiced by the Law Office of Jeffrey Schonbrun.
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Car Accident Lawyers



The cases of car accidents are increasing at an alarming rate in NYC. This brings severe loss of money and health to the individual. If you have been a victim of a car accident, contact me. I am a car accident lawyer and can help in gaining justice through the law.



Workers Comp Lawyers



Getting injured in the workplace could make you pay extensive medical bills and could impact your skill of working. At Law Offices of Jeffrey Schonbrun, I have helped several injured workers in gaining compensation from their respective workplaces. You will gain benefit by settling the claim for monetary damages.



Motorcycle accident lawyers 

Have you been a victim of a motorcycle accident in NYC? You can gain a compensation for the medical expenses incurred for the treatment. Our motorcycle accident lawyer can help you gain the compensation under the no-fault law that applies to motorcycle vehicle accidents in the New York City.


Social Ssecurity Lawyers 


Have you been passing through a period of serious illness for a while? Are you being prevented from getting back to the duties due to the injuries caused? You are liable to gain the benefits of Social Security. Our Social Security Lawyer could help you in earning the amount deserved by you.



Truck Accident Lawyers

Getting hit by a truck is a life-threatening experience for an individual. This could make you suffer serious physical injury and mental trauma. You are liable to get compensated, for the loss and trauma. Get in touch with our Truck accident attorney for gaining justice and getting compensated.


Dog Bite Lawyers 



A dog bite is turning into a massive issue for the people of New York City. These days “Man’s best friend” is behaving as a foe by biting innocent children as well as the adults. If you or your loved ones have been bitten by a domestic dog get in touch with our dog bite lawyer for getting compensation for the physical injury.



Slip and Fall Lawyers 


The negligence of a property owner could make you suffer an accident due to a slip and fall case. A wet floor or an uneven staircase can get you suffer serious physical injury. Consult our slip and fall lawyers for gaining consultation on the conditions of getting compensated.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers 

The mistake or recklessness of the medical professionals could be the reason behind the severe condition or death of your loved one. If you or any of your loved ones have faced a similar condition get the assistance of our medical malpractice lawyers. We would claim for the recovery of the losses bared by you.


Wrongful Death Lawyers 

In conditions, where an injured person fails to survive an act of negligence conducted by another person, the surviving family of the deceased gets compensated for it. If you are a surviving family member, our wrongful death lawyers will make you get the compensation from the other party.


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